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일 .한 .질
곱 .사 .렌
살 .랑 .드

Effervescent Ingénue {est 1994}
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Hello Again.

Hello world,

I am back. After my very long hiatus of feeding myself reese’s peanut butter cups and sleeping in too much to a point I physically can’t get myself off of bed, I have returned to le tumblr.

Not like anyone noticed I was gone anyway, because NO ONE NOTICES ME ANYWHERE, ANYWAY.

So this year I have started university and started off pretty well. Got my a pair of free jandals/thongs/sandals/whatever you call it, for signing up to some University Jesus Club email subscription and taking a survey. Although I’m not particularly delighted at getting automated emails all the time, I’m willing to take a chance for free low quality sandals and a hot dog. 

Why am I even writing a post? No one reads actual blogs on tumblr. Only way you can get any attention on tumblr is by posting pictures of cats or pretty girls. Don’t worry. I shall deliver.

Cat. I’m a Kitty Cat.

I think I’ve pretty much done what was expected of me. I may now sleep in peace and wake up for my lovely 9am class on European history in music. 

2 years ago
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I need a life.

I need a life.

2 years ago
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